Important Information That You Should Know Regarding Pine Straw For Garden Mulch

15 Dec

One thing that you should know regarding mulching is that if you are going to do it using an organic material, it actually helps on the addition of nutrients, keeping the weeds at bay and also, warming the soil as well. Now, the question that many of you may have is, "Is pine straw a good mulch"? Well, for you to know about that, we suggest you to come and read this article to the very end.

The question that we mentioned above has something to do whether pine straw is a good mulch. Sepaking of pine straw north carolina, one thing that we want you to learn about it is the fact that it is freely available in areas or places that have pine trees planted, not to mention that they are not expensive as well when being purchased on bales. There are so many good things that you can get from using pine straw and the benefits that it have go beyond the listed attributes and also, it has the ability of creating ideal conditions for plants that are known as acid-loving, as well as help acidify soils that are alkaline too.

There are so many gardeners who find the constant pine needles located below the trees as something that is unsightly to look at however, what they do not know is that using pine straw as garden mulch is actually effective and efficient, most especially when it comes to providing protection during winter. And also, there goes the fact that pine straw as garden mulch also poses so many other benefits and advantages as well. For those of you who are not familiar about long leaf pine straw, you should know that they are a drop of dry foliage that comes from pine trees. When you decide to purchase pine straw in bales, about fifteen to forty, this is advantageous on your end, especially if you do not have pine trees in your property. We want you to know as well that pine straw is a whole lot cheaper when compared to bark mulch by approximately ten cents per square foot, that is apart from the fact that they are plentiful and much more beneficial than bark mulch as well. Another thing that we want you to know about pine straw garden mulch is that they weight a lot lighter than the bark mulch.

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