Advantages of Pine Straw Groundcover

15 Dec

One of the single best things that homeowners can do for their garden and landscape is mulching. Homeowners use mulching when landscaping their gardens for an array of reasons. These reasons include making the landscape of the garden more attractive, preventing loss of the topsoil due to wind and water erosion, inhibiting certain plant diseases, reducing weed growth and lessening soil temperature fluctuations. Mulching lessens soil temperature fluctuations by insulating the soil to keep the plants cooler during summer and warmer in winter. There are different types of mulch that can be used in different parts of the country. In southern climates such as Atlanta, Georgia the pine straw is quite popular as a mulch. There are several lawn care companies in Atlanta that specialize in pine straw installation. Pine straw is preferred to other ground covers in landscaping for various reasons including its ease in installation. In addition, pine straw is lightweight. This makes it easy for landscaping companies deliver bales of pine straw easily. One large bale of pine straw will cover much more area than other mulches. Although wholesale pine straw is lightweight, it beats other types of mulch in longevity. It does not float or get washed away by rainwater. This means than a pine straw ground cover will serve you for a longer period without replacement. Further, it breaks down slowly and hence does not require to be reapplied as frequently as other mulches. Pine straw is also known to be pest free. It does not attract pests such as termites, which would damage other plants in the garden.

Another reason that makes pine straw bales popular with homeowners and landscaping companies is the guilt - free tag associated with it. Pine straw comes from pine trees naturally dropping their leaves throughout the year.  When the leaves the drop, they are made into pine straw bales, without having to cut any tree. This is a good choice of mulch for those that are environmentally conscious. Using pine straw as mulch is therefore not only affordable but also environmentally sustainable.

Pine straw comes from different species of pine trees. Each of the different species will have its unique characteristics like the needle length and needle flexibility. The Loblolly species is the most popular in landscaping. It is a long needle pine with its needles ranging from six to nine inches. This makes this species easy to apply and also allows for optimum soil aeration and good water infiltration.

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